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Roster Update 4: A Preview of Possible Investments (GIVEAWAY)

June 4, 2022 by LouisAnalysis

Another weird, questionable Roster Update, another article looking at the best possible investments for the upcoming Roster Update. To increase the depth of players offered in these articles, there will be 5 highlighted batters & pitchers, with 5-10 more added as honorable mentions. There will be some more bonus investments mentioned too, as last week’s Aaron Judge saw you double your stubs!

PLEASE NOTE: This article is based on current player performance, and none of the investments suggested in this article are guaranteed stubs.

Date: June 4th,  2022

Author: @LouisAnalysis on Twitter. Make sure to follow for a chance at a ShowZone Pro Gold subscription! The giveaway is open until the 5th of June!

Hot Hitters: Highlights

These are the 5 highlighted batters for this week’s article. These are highlighted for their exceptional performances and are the most likely to go up. I say most likely as in ‘if SDS decides they feel like upgrading them’.

Pete Alonso : New York Mets

Current Overall: 84

Predicted Overall: 85+

Recommended Buy Price : -2,500

Pete Alonso has always been known for his exceptional power, but often was criticized for a lack of contact and therefore a lower production. This season, however, there is a significant improvement in his BA, and the power is still there. At an 84 rating and price of around 2,100 stubs, Pete Alonso could be a great investment if he keeps up his current performances. (Sell tip: If his price goes over 4,000 stubs before the update, it might be worth selling him in the hype.)

  • AB : 53
  • R : 9
  • H : 18
  • HR : 5
  • RBI : 18
  • AVG : .340
  • OBP : .441
  • SLG : .660
  • OPS : 153

Paul Goldschmidt : St. Louis Cardinals

Current Overall : 88

Predicted Overall : 89-90

Recommended Buy Price : -13,000

A returning player in this week’s article is Paul Goldschmidt. He’s continued his performances over the last weeks and seems to be on track to become an 89 or 90. However, with SDS already giving him a +4, they might hold off on the +2 jump to 90. This depends on his current performance. With a Sell Now price of around 11k, there is some potential to make stubs.

  • AB : 50
  • R : 11
  • H : 22
  • HR : 6
  • RBI : 20
  • : .440
  • OBP : .508
  • SLG : .880
  • OPS : 388

Ty France : Seattle Mariners

Current Overall : 84

Predicted Overall : 85+

Recommended Buy Price  : -2,500

Already being one of the monthly award cards, Ty France has continued his performances throughout May and seems to be on track to get his Live Series card to diamond. Showing impressive form over the last 15 games, with even better performances the last 7 days, he shows no signs of slowing down. With a slightly inflated Sell Now price at 2,400, France definitely is a riskier investment with the current style of Roster Updates. However, there is still +- 1k per card to be made, so it’s still a worthy investment if he keeps up his current performances.    

  • AB : 51
  • R : 8
  • H : 24
  • HR : 2
  • RBI : 11
  • AVG : .471
  • OBP : .526
  • SLG : .686
  • OPS : 212

Francisco Lindor : New York Mets

Current Overall : 83

Predicted Overall : 84 – 85

Recommended Buy Price  : -1,400

Francisco Lindor has had an interesting start to the season. Starting off well put Lindor up to an 85, but after one of the biggest slumps in his career, he got downgraded back to an 83. However, this up and down movement might be ideal for you as an investor. Lindor has found his form again, but will most likely still scare off most casual investors, as he got downgraded. With a Sell Now price at 1,425, you can potentially double your stubs if he keeps up his current performances.

  • AB : 57
  • R : 17
  • H : 19
  • HR : 2
  • RBI : 21
  • AVG : .333
  • OBP : .420
  • SLG : .544
  • OPS : .996

José Abreu : Chicago White Sox  

Current Overall : 78

Predicted Overall : 79 – 81

Recommended Buy Price  : -500

José Abreu has been red–hot for the Chicago White Sox in the last weeks. With a very low Sell Now price, José Abreu is ideal for people who prefer mass–investing in certain cards or who are just getting into investing. Abreu is a card that should be sold in the hype before the Roster Update, this is where you will make most stubs. It must be noted that silver cards often get weirdly treated by SDS, with Randy Arozarena getting a downgraded in the last update after a stretch of great performances. He still looks like a very solid investment however and could see you triple your stubs if sold at the correct time.

  • AB : 54
  • R : 8
  • H : 19
  • HR : 3
  • RBI : 10
  • AVG : .352
  • OBP : .470
  • SLG : .630
  • OPS :154

Performing Pitchers

Now let’s have a look at pitchers who are due an upgrade. Keep in mind that pitchers only need one bad performance to possibly lose their upgrade, so their risk of investing in pitchers is definitely higher than investing in batters. At the time of writing, most pitchers will have two more appearances before the Roster Update, so keep an eye on their performances. Other than the previous articles, I will be using the pitcher’s seasonal stats!

Nestor Cortes : New York Yankees

Current Overall : 83

Predicted Overall : 84 – 85

Recommended Buy Price  : -2,500

Nestor Cortes Jr. has continued to impress everyone with his pitching performances and looks due for another upgrade. Completely outperforming supposed Yankee ace Gerrit Cole, Cortes has been putting up impressive numbers for the whole season.

  • ERA : 70
  • R : 11
  • H : 33
  • HR : 4
  • WHIP : 85
  • SO : 61
  • IP : 0

Pablo Lopez : Miami Marlins

Current Overall : 84

Predicted Overall : 85+

Recommended Buy Price : -2,500

Just like Nestor Cortes Jr, Pablo Lopez is a returning player to this week’s article. After a lesser outing, Lopez has continued to show good form in the games after. With a Sell Now price near quick sell, Pablo Lopez could be an incredible opportunity to double your stubs if he keeps performing well.

  • ERA : 83
  • R : 13
  • H : 43
  • HR : 5
  • WHIP : 98
  • SO : 61
  • IP : 0

Joe Musgrove : San Diego Padres

Current Overall : 84

Predicted Overall : 85+

Recommended Buy Price  : 2,750

Joe Musgrove has been on diamond watch for the last two updates, and with the way he’s been performing there is a very big chance he will. With an offense sputtering, Padres’ pitching staff is the main reason for their success. With a Sell Now of 1,850, Musgrove certainly could see you double your stubs! However, the Padres do have a tough run of games, with another series against the Milwaukee Brewers, followed by the New York Mets. Update : Musgrove flirted with a no – hitter in his last outing against the Brewers and looks to be a certain diamond.

  • ERA : 86
  • R : 16
  • H : 46
  • HR : 4
  • WHIP : 98
  • SO : 58
  • IP : 00

Alek Manoah : Toronto Blue Jays

Current Overall : 84

Predicted Overall : 85+

Recommended Buy Price  : 2,250

Unlike the rest of the Toronto Blue Jays, Alek Manoah has been prolific and his numbers put him as the third-best pitcher in the MLB at the moment of writing. Having received multiple upgrades, Manoah seems due for that diamond push with the next update if he keeps his performances up. With a slightly higher Sell Now of 1,990, Manoah holds slightly more risk than Musgrove and Lopez, but still could be a very valuable investment to make!

  • ERA : 77
  • R : 14
  • H : 42
  • HR : 5
  • WHIP : 91
  • SO : 52
  • IP : 0

Martin Perez : Texas Rangers

Current Overall : 74

Predicted Overall : 77 – 80

Recommended Buy Price : -500

Another more accessible card for people with lower stub counts, Martin Perez is at the moment of writing the pitcher with the lowest overall ERA in the MLB and looks due for a big upgrade. This card is ideal for people who are getting into investing or are looking for mass investments. With a slightly inflated Sell Now price, Perez could be a slightly riskier pick-up and should surely be sold in the hype before the upgrade.

  • ERA : 42
  • R : 14
  • H : 45
  • HR : 0
  • WHIP : 93
  • SO : 49
  • IP : 1

Honorable mentions : Batters

These players will still be great investments but hold slightly higher risk. I will add the most crucial stats in the following order : BA / OBP / SLG / Current OVR / Predicted OVR / Recommended Buy Price. This will give everyone a bigger pool of investments to pick from!

Honorable mentions : Pitchers

The same will be done for pitchers. These hold even higher risk as they are (lower level) pitchers who are performing well. Obviously, because of the risk connected to these investments, there is a bigger profit to be made if you pick the right investment. Stats will be in the following order : IP / ERA / WHIP / Current OVR / Predicted OVR / Current Sell Now price.

Sell tip : Sell all of your investments in the hype if they aren’t going diamond. Most of these players will be dumped after the Roster Update and decrease in price. Sell time can decide if you make profit or not!

Bonus : High tier investments

These 3 players are higher rated, and hold a higher risk of losing stubs, but could also see you make a big profit. Aaron Judge was mentioned at 50,000 stubs in the last article and currently sits on the 80 – 95k mark. If you play it right and you like taking riskier investments, these might be the play for you.

Josh Hader : Milwaukee Brewers

Current Overall : 90

Predicted Overall : 91 – 92

Recommended Buy Price  : -51,000

Where does one start on Josh Hader? Hader has looked unhittable in basically all of his outings and is putting up an ERA of 0.00 in the current season. Considering he is one of the most meta relievers in the game, an increase in rating could make him even more expensive.

  • ERA : 00
  • SV : 18
  • SVO : 18
  • SO : 26
  • IP : 2
  • WHIP : 60

Mookie Betts : Los Angeles Dodgers

Current Overall : 89

Predicted Overall : 90+

Recommended Buy Price : -18,000

Mookie Betts has been picking up for the Dodgers and has been red–hot for them. With a +2 in the last Roster Update and no sign of slowing down in his performances, Mookie Betts could be the next card making the jump to 90 or higher. Looking at Manny Machado’s selling patterns, I’d advise you to sell Betts in the hype before the update if you want to guarantee your profit.

  • AB : 59
  • R : 19
  • H : 23
  • HR : 8
  • RBI : 15
  • AVG : .390
  • OBP : .478
  • SLG : .898
  • OPS :481

That’s it for this week’s investment update. Let’s hope these players keep performing the way they have. For any questions, make sure to reach out to us on Twitter @mlbtheshowzone or @LouisAnalysis Don’t forget to take part in the giveaway for a chance at a ShowZone Pro Gold Membership!

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