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Inventory Management

Video Tutorial: How to use the ShowZone Inventory Management Tool

Note: this tool only works on desktop versions of Chrome and other browsers that support Chrome Extensions.

First, you will need to sign up for a ShowZone account (even a free account will work - no credit card required).

Then you will need to download the ShowZone Chrome Extension from here(if you are having trouble with this link, try the alternative link here). This extension must be manually installed. Instructions on manually installing Chrome Extensions are below:

  • Download the ShowZone Chrome Extension. Unzip the folder and save it on your computer somewhere.
  • In the URL address bar type chrome://extensions.
  • Enable "Developer Mode".
  • Press the "Load Unpacked" button and select the showzone-extension folder from the directory you saved it in.

Now that you have the extension installed, reload this page and you should see a red "Get Updated Inventory" button below. Before pressing that button, make sure you are logged into

Once you press the "Get Updated Inventory" button, the extension will open and begin downloading your inventory. During this time, leave the tab with open or the download will stop.

Once the download is complete, this page will refresh with your updated data.

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